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I was bored last night, so I made a thing.

This is what happens when you take the “Louie, Louie” / “Wild Thing” chord progression and inject a little jazz theory. 

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because, you know


Great song, great band. Essential listening for bass players.

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Two Sentence Album Review: Opeth - “Pale Communion”

Pale Communion is the old-school progressive rock freakout that almost happened with Heritage. Opeth may not be “metal” anymore, but they’re still really good.

Top 5 Drummers You’ve Never Heard Of




Having seen the practical use and universal user friendliness of programmed drums it is no wonder that a staggering number of musicians are utilizing them over live drummers. Being a drummer myself this is somewhat worrisome, but the industry is growing and a smart man does not argue with the…

This list delivered. I had not heard of a single one of these drummers before I read it.

Yeah, that list delivered for sure. I’ve been playing the drums for years and didn’t know two of them.

It’s a big day around here. New single AND new lyric video!

You can get the song (and the B-side) at my Bandcamp page, conveniently located right about here

Get Hype

It’s done! Mixed, mastered, the whole thing. My new single, “Overload! Overload!!” will hit the internets on Tuesday, August 5th. 

It’s gonna be a good time.

An Announcement

AUGUST 5TH, 2014. 

"Overload! Overload!!"

A single in the old school style, complete with a previously unreleased “B-side” song.

The “A-side” is a re-recording of a song I wrote back in 2006. Previously recorded by my old band Smock, I decided to dust off this old gem and have a crack at it myself. 

Where will you be able to find this? On my Bandcamp page. See you then!

Achievement Unlocked

Today I wrote a letter of recommendation in my pajamas.

You can lead me to adulthood, but you can’t make me grow up, darn it.